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Dental Bridges – Lawrence, KS

Bridge Those
Gaps In Your Smile

Confident man with a dental bridge in Lawrence

Are you missing one or more teeth? You’re certainly not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from tooth loss and the detrimental effects that come with it. While tooth loss certainly becomes more common with age, people at every stage of life can loose one or more of their pearly whites due to circumstances like sports injuries, accidents, genetics, and poor oral health. Fortunately, at Kansas Center for Sedation Dentistry, we can bridge those gaps in your smile quickly and easily using a custom-made dental bridge! Read on to learn more about this classic restoration and give us a call today to schedule your next appointment.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Closeup of a natural-looking dental bridge in Lawrence

A dental bridge is used when a tooth is missing altogether, or when there are several consecutive missing teeth. The bridge consists of two dental crowns on either end. They support between them one to three replacement teeth depending on your needs. The two dental crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap being filled (called abutment teeth). This seamlessly fills in the empty space! Like individual crowns, bridges can be made from an all-ceramic material that blends in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

Types of Dental Bridges

Patient and dentist discussing types of dental bridges in Lawrence

Every patient’s situation is different. When we evaluate your mouth during your consultation and discuss your goals for your smile, we’ll recommend one of two different types of dental bridges we offer:

Traditional Dental Bridges

This classic type of restoration has been used to help replace missing teeth for decades. Bridges are carefully crafted to look as lifelike as possible, and oftentimes once they’re in place, they’re impossible to distinguish from the rest of your natural teeth. In general, a traditional dental bridge can last 5-15 years or longer.

Implant Bridges

Note that for traditional bridges to be placed, a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from the abutment teeth to secure them. However, this step won’t be necessary if you get a dental bridge supported by implants. Instead of relying on abutment teeth, implant bridges rest on one or two small titanium posts embedded in the jawbone to replace the roots of missing teeth. While this option requires more time and money, it feels, functions, and looks just like a natural tooth and can last for a lifetime with the proper care!

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Digital illustration of a traditional dental bridge in Lawrence

Replacing your missing teeth with a dental bridge is about so much more than completing your smile and improving your appearance. By filling in the gaps in your mouth with your dental bridge, you’ll be able to eat, talk and smile like you normally would. The bridge also stops your other teeth from drifting out of position and helps properly distribute the forces of your bite. Eliminating the space also makes it easier to maintain optimal oral hygiene.